CIL, V 6414- 6415: two bronze tablets bearing medical recipes from Ticinum

bronze tablet from TicinumThe paper presents a new approach to CIL, V 6414-5, two bronze tablets from Ticinum bearing medical recipes, in combination with worship practices in honour of healing and water-related deities such as Minerva, Valetudo, Esculapius and Mars. The investigation has been devoted to all the topics implicated in these multi-faceted texts, namely: ancient medicine and botany, water-related healing cults and mantic practices. In order to shed a new light on the circumstances of the production and usage of the document, the study focused on facets not previously explored in depth by earlier scholarship, such as the botanical analysis of the medicinal plants mentioned in the text, with a comparative perspective towards modern herbalist practices. Combining the information provided by the archival records, the geomorphological features of San Genesio (Pavia), the locus inventionis, and the narrative pattern of the texts, a new interpretation for the abbreviation “fm” has been proposed: f(ontis) m(ei). The tablets should therefore be considered the prescriptions of the numen fontis, given through a priest equipped with some notions of folk medicine, located in a shrine connected to some spring or running water in the countryside of Ticinum.

Download the pdf here: Paola Tomasi, Mea medicina lenietur. Le prescrizioni di un numen fontis in due tabellae medicinales ticinenses ( CIL V, 6414-6415), in Aquae salutiferae. Il termalismo tra antico e contemporaneo, ATTI DEL CONVEGNO INTERNAZIONALE (MONTEGROTTO TERME, 6-8 SETTEMBRE 2012), Padova University Press, Padova 2014

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