Dizionario Epigrafico di Antichità Romane

Better known as “De Ruggiero”, this useful dictionary is now retrievable, since the copyright expired, at this URL,  digitized by Google from the library of the University of Michigan. Another tool to bookmark among your websites!


mesmerising owl
Mesmerising owl

Don’t let be misled by the OWL… This post is about a software for Latin students, made by Scot Mcphee.

I quote from his website:

Owl is an iOS app that, by using data from the Perseus Latin Word Tool, allows a user to lookup any Latin word, locate the root (i.e. the nominative singular for nouns and adjectives or the 1st person singular present active indicative for verbs), and parse the entered form. It gives all possible forms for the word entered. The tool then links the root(s) to the online Lewis & Short dictionary from Perseus, and also from that dictionary, provides links to the works in the Perseus database that are quoted in the dictionary.


I didn’t try it, because I’m not a Mac user, but I thought I’d spread the word 😉


Fabia Priscilla from Rome to Alassio

An unpublished1 funerary inscription, preserved in Alassio, on a private villa’s façade.

The stele bears the following text:inscription from Alassio

D(is) M(anibus) .

Fabiae Priscillae

P(ublius) Fabius


patronae b(ene) m(erenti).








Probably from Rome, it might have been brought to Liguria as part of an antiquity collection2 .

You can see the PDF version here or you can download it: una_stele_funeraria_inedita_da_Alassio.


  1. It hadn’t been included in the epigraphical supplementum of Liguria (regio IX) and you can find a reference to it in EDR []
  2. possibly related to the British tourism []